Wedding Trends 2012

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses. I LOVE them. I mean REALLY love them. Okay, yes it is risky. And yes, it is not what your mom or future mother in law may have in mind, but if you do it right, it can be BEYOND amazing. (Molly Sims did it, above.)

Let me to tell you why I love them. Besides the fact they look great in pictures, and beyond that  it shows your a little daring and aren’t afraid to do what YOU want for your wedding, and that in reality  you really do still have complete control over the dresses they choose, I love them because it makes sense. The girls that stand next to you are your closest girlfriends, but if they were all the same you would only have one. They are NOT the same, and as many weddings as I have done over the years, I have yet to do a wedding where all the girls were of the same shape, size, height or personality. When is the last time you went shopping with one of your girlfriends, or two, or three of them, and you all tried on the exact same pair of jeans and everyone of you loved the way they fit? Im guessing, maybe never. So Why do so many brides do it with their brides maids?
Im just saying….why do this…..(not saying these girls don’t look great, because they do)

when you can do this…..

Now remember I said, IF done correctly? Keep in mind, this could be a complete disaster if you leave it up to everyone to choose the color, style, fabric, and pattern of their choice. Please remember to set color palette, pattern, fabric, and style guidelines.  Here are a few more great examples of how it can be done right:)

Check out these pictures from Miranda’s wedding…

One last example…

Now if you are traditional, and there is something to be said for tradition, the same dress can still look amazing, just remember to add a touch of personal style to it:)


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