Mud+ More Mud+ Rain, (and lots of it)= an Amazing Texas Wedding

This weekend was probably the biggest challenge I have faced yet, in my wedding planing career.

It all started a little over a year ago, when our bride Heather and I started planning her wedding on her parents property in Helotes. We spent a number of days walking her property to find the perfect spots for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. We decided on the ceremony behind her parents house, over looking the river and the two waterfalls her father had built in the natural rock wall, across the river. The cocktail reception was going to be about an acre away in the vineyard where her parents grew grapes to bottle for their own wine label “Lee Creek Vineyards”, and the reception and dinner would be on the front lawn under oak tress. lit with strands of light from tree to tree.

Then this past Wednesday it became clear that no matter how much we prayed it wasn’t going to rain, it was. It started out mid week just fine, We knew there was a high probability of rain before the week was over, well okay about 100% chance, so we order the tent, and had it delivered Thursday morning.

Leveling the ground

So tent was set up Thursday and I was feeling pretty good about things until the mid afternoon Friday when the rain started, and then kept coming and never stopped. By 7pm we had a tent that was leaking water, no generator yet for light, and a hill that was creating a landslide of rushing water and mud headed right towards the tent

We were without light for a bit, waiting and waiting on the generator…..

The generator arrived in the dark and in the rain at 9:00pm
The generator finally showed up about 9pm in the pouring rain and dark…..

We spent a good part of the night in the rain, drenched to the bone and up to our knees in mud, with a bobcat (BIG thanks to my two buddies that saved my night with a lot of hard work, a bob cat, and two shovels) digging trenches to divert the water away from the tent. Pictures aren’t great, but here we are in the pouring rain at midnight.

Here is the small trench we dug to keep the water away from the beautiful wood dance floor provided by DPC Media.

We returned first thing Saturday morning to meet the tent company that had came to patch the wholes, and it was still a muddy mess. The morning was a crazy one, we brought in plywood to cover the trenches and sod to cover the plywood, and worked fast to get the linens, and flowers and all the other “wedding preps” done in time for the 5:00 ceremony.

With all the craziness behind us, it was 5:00pm and we had a dry tent, and dry dance floor, a phenomenal band, and we were ready to see Heather and Jordan tie the knot. It truly turned out amazing. (However, I didn’t have a chance to take pictures….)
Here is a sneak peak of how the day turned out. You will have wait for the rest of the pictures form the amazing girls at Bend The Light.

Photo by: Bend The Light

xoxo- Teresa

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  1. WOW, that is dedication!! Great job!


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