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it’s all about you.

San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultants is a boutique wedding design and wedding planning company that specializes in the bride. Our professional wedding planners get to know you on a personal level. As we discover your tastes and preferences, we build on your vision and dreams. Let us enhance them with our stylish and tailored planning and design expertise. 

your day. once in a lifetime.

Teresa Bryson, Owner (210) 413-9578 teresalbryson@saweddingconsultant.com 

Teresa has over 8 years of experience in the wedding planning industry. With a sales and marketing background, and corporate event planning experience, Teresa takes wedding planning to the next level.  “SAWEC is the leading wedding consultant company in San Antonio for one reason. We love our brides. We truly do. When a girl comes to me and says I want to be a wedding planner, I ask her why. If the answer isn’t that she wants ‘to make sure that every bride I place in her hands has the most amazing wedding and that was it was beyond their expectations’, then she wont work for SAWEC. I understand this day means so much to our brides, and there is no room for error. When you care about a bride like your little sister, then you make sure every little detail, and every step along the way, puts a big smile on her face.” xoxo-Teresa

Melody Agee, Senior Wedding Consultant (254) 652-9495 melody@saweddingconsultant.com

Melody has been in the event planning business since 2004. After graduated from Baylor University with a BA in Science, she went to work in Houston for a couture bridal salon.  This lead her to getting her foot in the door to start organizing couture bridal fashion shows for more than two years. Since then Melody has put her heart and passion in her favorite type of events “wedding planning”.  Her attention to details, organization and creativity makes her events truly one of a kind. Melody feels blessed that she can call her clients friends and know that they can trust her in her ability and knowledge to make their special day happen the way they dreamed. “Thank you SAWEC for welcoming me into your family.  I look forward to making many memorable weddings for our brides and grooms”. Melody 

*Melody is experienced in destination weddings and has relationships with locations and top vendors around Texas. 

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