Taylor + Cameron

We did this wedding quite a while back. However, we never have blogged or posted it. This week we received a call from a new bride in Three Rivers, Texas who said she had been highly recommended by a past bride from there. I knew right away it was from Taylor, or her mom, Jaime. It got me to thinking about (and missing) these two lovely ladies. I have been thinking about them all day so I decided to blog Taylor’s wedding.

Taylor came to us with a guest list well over 1000. (Yes ONE THOUSAND). Jaime, her mom, wanted the wedding to be everything and anything Taylor ever wanted. It was going to be held in George West, Texas on the property of a good friend. Months of planning went into the details, of tents, caterers, florist, valets and vendors, that were all traveling from San Antonio to George West. By the time the wedding invitations were to be sent out, we were able to help them trim the guest list to 600. However, there were still so many details. How would we generate enough electricity for to ac in the tents, (we had extra electricity outlets installed on the property) and ice for cocktails for 600 required separate ice machines to be brought in from San Antonio. These are just a few examples of the many details that went into the planning. The challenges were fun, and the wedding day went off without a hitch.



What an amazing wedding! Love you Taylor, Cameron, and Jaime!
xoxo- Teresa

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: kristin light photographie, formally urth studios. http://www.urthstudiophotography.com/

Kristen is an amazing photographer that has captured the special moments of many brides.


Melody, Senior Wedding Consultant, with San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultants

Melody Agee, Senior Wedding Consultant

I really feel like this picture of Melody is priceless. The look on her face captures what is so endearing about her. She truly LOVES her brides, and cares about her brides beyond imagination.

I love Melody beyond words, and so do her brides. You could call ANY of her past brides, and every single one of them, and their mothers,  would tell you they love her and to book Melody for your wedding planing assistance. She is I true gem, and any girl that has her for a planner is a lucky girl.

That being said, her 2012 is booking up FAST. Call her at (254) 652-9595 to see if your date is available.

xoxo- Teresa


In keeping with 2012 trends, it’s time we talk about Ombre.

OMBRE: adjective: shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color

Our Ombre Booth at The Wedding Fair

I am totally obsessed with ombre right now. Hence, we had an ombre inspired booth:) Here is an upclose of the flower arrangement I made, so you can see the color progression.

So ombre is a fashion trend really, outside of the wedding industry, but I think it will find its place in weddings this year.

Here are some more ombre examples, that lend themselves towards the wedding industry.


So I am dying to do an ombre inspired wedding. I have visions of walking into a reception where the flowers on the front tables are lighter in color and it progresses back to darker colored flowers at he back of the room. Same with the lighting. Any brides out there up for that?



Wedding Trends 2012- Men In Beige

One of my favorite trends for the new year. A neutral colored  suite. Unless it is a BLACK TIE wedding, I really like seeing the guys in something other than a black tuxedo. Lets face it. San Antonio and South Texas is HOT, almost every  “wedding month” out of the year. It just doesn’t make sense to see the guys, in outdoor wedding pictures, in a black tuxedo, in the middle of a heat wave. Trust me, the will agree.

Let’s face it, the  guys will look just as handsome in a suite that matches the style of the wedding, as they would in a full black tuxedo. Outdoor, or especially in the vintage wedding trend we are seeing a lot of right now, it almost is a must do.

Enough said? xoxo- Teresa

The Wedding Fair Show 2012

San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultant Booth 2012 Show

We had such a wonderful day at The Wedding Fair Show yesterday. It was so great meeting all the new brides, and seeing some our of beautiful brides that stopped by to visit. Here are a few pictures from the booth. (San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultants did all the flowers and decor).

Jennifer Dobson, Senior Wedding Consultant

Ombre Flowers

Fabric Ombre Flowers

We encourage all the brides we spoke with yesterday to set your complimentary consultations as soon as possible, to ensure we have your date available. You also don’t want to miss out on the discounted pricing.

Look for our work at next weekend’s wedding  show, The Bridal Extravaganza,  (the Henery B Gonzales Sunday 12-5) at the following vendor booths.

KENDALL PLANTATION: We will be doing their floral arrangements.

THE RUSTIC GARDEN: We will be doing their entire booth decor.

Remember to stop by the DPC MEDIA booth and say “Hi” to our very own Senior Wedding Consultant, Melody Agee, who will be there sharing information about DPC’s amazing new rental items, including the most BEAUTIFUL dark oak dance floor I have ever seen. (Well, actually the ONLY dark oak dance floor I have seen available in San Antonio, a total MUST have for your wedding.)

Xoxo- Teresa

Save The Date

Okay all you girls who became engaged over the holidays…… Bet you can’t wait to get the word out….Here are some fun and unique ways to let your friends and family know your getting married, and you want them there.

I LOVE this idea. We had a bride that did this last year, and it was a BIG hit.


This is super cute, and all definitely bring a smile to the recipients face.

Slightly more traditional, and way cute…

Your engaged…First stop, WEDDING PLANNER (hint hint- call us, 210-269-4868), next picking a date and reserving locations, then Save The Dates!


xoxo- Teresa

Wedding Trends 2012

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses. I LOVE them. I mean REALLY love them. Okay, yes it is risky. And yes, it is not what your mom or future mother in law may have in mind, but if you do it right, it can be BEYOND amazing. (Molly Sims did it, above.)

Let me to tell you why I love them. Besides the fact they look great in pictures, and beyond that  it shows your a little daring and aren’t afraid to do what YOU want for your wedding, and that in reality  you really do still have complete control over the dresses they choose, I love them because it makes sense. The girls that stand next to you are your closest girlfriends, but if they were all the same you would only have one. They are NOT the same, and as many weddings as I have done over the years, I have yet to do a wedding where all the girls were of the same shape, size, height or personality. When is the last time you went shopping with one of your girlfriends, or two, or three of them, and you all tried on the exact same pair of jeans and everyone of you loved the way they fit? Im guessing, maybe never. So Why do so many brides do it with their brides maids?
Im just saying….why do this…..(not saying these girls don’t look great, because they do)

when you can do this…..

Now remember I said, IF done correctly? Keep in mind, this could be a complete disaster if you leave it up to everyone to choose the color, style, fabric, and pattern of their choice. Please remember to set color palette, pattern, fabric, and style guidelines.  Here are a few more great examples of how it can be done right:)

Check out these pictures from Miranda’s wedding…

One last example…

Now if you are traditional, and there is something to be said for tradition, the same dress can still look amazing, just remember to add a touch of personal style to it:)


Christmas Engagements


CONGRATULATIONS to all the new brides that got engaged over Christmas!!!! Remember, first stop is Your WEDDING PLANNER! Call for a complimentary consultation: 210-269-4868 xoxo- SAWEC

Winter Weddings


In San Antonio, we don’t get much opportunity to revel in the beauty of winter time. So while the weather is cooling off, and you are actually burning wood in your fireplaces, as I am right now, I thought I would share some winter wedding inspirations.


A few years back, I had a beautiful bride, Anna, that had just completed her residency as an OBGYN. She was my first bride to wear a fur shrug on her wedding day. It was absolutely beautiful, and I will never forget how amazing she looked.

These boots would inspire any bride to have a winter wedding! Love them!!!



I’m loving these winter bouquet ideas. The feathers really add a wintery (and vintage) feel to these bouquets. The grey color of dusty miller and berries also make  great additions to a winter wedding bouquets.

Dusty Miller and Berries

Yummm, the cake. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it cool enough outside to serve hot chocolate and marshmallows with your wedding cake! Seriously, I just inspired myself to go make a hot coco! Ha!



As much as I love the winter furs, I also love the idea of the sweater wraps, and they do seem more practical for a San Antonio winter.


Lighting always adds depth to your wedding decor. During the winter time, blue is definitely the color to go with. Blue gives you the look and feeling of ice and coolness.

Here is to many happy winter weddings happening in San Antonio over the next two months-xoxo, Teresa


brittany and the elegant bee.

I wanted to take the time to blog Brittany’s wedding. She is a friend of San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultant, and had the most lovely wedding, thanks to an absolutely AMAZING VENDOR, Patty, the owner of The Elegant Bee. Sometimes things don’t always go as brides plan, and they get some surprises that they should not have to deal with on their wedding day. (NUMBER 1 reason, you need a planner, at least for your day of, hint hint-call us). This happened to Brittany. We wont tell you who spoiled her day, but we will tell you who saved her day. It was Patty, with The Elegant Bee . Patty, not under any contract with Brittany, not having been paid a penny, and not asking to be paid a penny, stepped in on the afternoon of Brittany’s wedding and did some of the most AMAZING floral and decor for a wedding we have ever seen.

Take a look at the photos below.

Photography presented By Gary Gibson Photography  www.garygibsonphoto.com

Patty rents these chandeliers to brides:)

and this dresser, plus so much more!


Congratulations to Brittany and Andy! May your future be as beautiful as your wedding- xoxo Teresa Bryson

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